Learn Advanced Qigong to give you Instant Power

This course teaches you the Zhan Zhuang Qigong system which is a set of standing Qigong static postures.

This is an advanced level course which will give you a practice and information on the movements of energy in your body and the energetic pathways (meridians). The Spiritual concepts for these exercises is also explained.

Zhan Zhuang Qigong works on developing the sensation of "opposing forces," as well it gives the practitioner an understanding and an experience of one's central equilibrium. 

This set of exercises will also help you to have a sensitivity to specific areas of tension in the body and gives you a practice and guide on how to relieve these tensions.

Zhan Zhuang has a strong connection with Traditional Chinese Medicine and this practice is a way of removing blockages in Qi flow in the body's meridian system.

Any habitual tensions or tissue shortening (or lengthening) is normalised by the practice, and the body regains it's natural ability to function optimally. It is thought that a normalised body will be less prone to muscular-skeletal medical conditions and dysfunctions and it is also believed that Zhan Zhuang, when practiced for developing relaxation, will lead to a beneficial calming effect of the heart and mind. 

Zhan Zhuang offers a fast and effective means to recharge your energy, reduce stress, gain superior mental clarity, and give you the ability to stay focused.

During this course you will: